I couldn’t believed what he did to his drink…



Discovering that glass shape can redirect strong alcohol away from the nose, coupled with years of development to find that perfect shape, Arsilica, Inc. released the patented NEAT glass in February 2012. NEAT dissipates alcohol so drinkers can detect and enjoy the subtler aromas of distilled spirits without nose burn.

With NEAT, one does not have to be a trained expert to find the attributes or flaws which hide behind overabundant nose-numbing alcohol in convergent rim glasses. The secret is in NEAT’s patented interactive function of neck and flared rim, and its low profile design, which display the more elusive aromas for easy detection.

NEAT promotes swirling (the enemy of the copita user) to power aroma evaporation, and its low profile places the nose closer to characteristic aromas lurking lower in the glass. The science has always been there, it just needed application.

NEAT (1) doesn’t need water, dissipating alcohol aroma on its own, without shutting down evaporation of other aromas (2) is not specific about spirit type, and belongs to all spirits, including cask strengths, and (3) is responsible for the increase in popularity of spirits among the ladies, who have far more sensitive noses than their male counterparts.

Less than 13% of drinkers believe strong alcohol is necessary to spirit aroma, and initially refuse to adopt the NEAT method, but growth in conversions to NEAT among these traditionalists is phenomenal. Die-hards will never smell many aromas that define the true character of their favorite spirit. Who ever said we absolutely had to have the smell of alcohol? The only reason alcohol aroma is present, is because no one could figure out how to eliminate it until NEAT came along. We all know the smell, and very few beyond the hopelessly addicted consider it pleasant.

Perhaps blenders should use a glass designed for drinking spirits full strength, the way consumers choose to drink. It would certainly make their job easier to nail an identifiable product profile that could be a hit with the consumer.

NEAT is already the official glass of most spirits competitions, and just as sure as cars replaced horses and cell phones replaced land lines, NEAT will likely replace any functionless glassware which destroys drinking enjoyment. Science built a better glass. More at www.theneatglass.com    

feb 16

Why All the Fuss Over a Simple Spirits Glass? George Manska



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