NEAT Product Evaluation….the Shape of Flavor

the NEAT glass (2)

(Part 3 of 3 Arsilica, Inc. Educational Series)

In 2003, an artistic accident in a glass blowing class led to discovery of a unique, functional glass shape which dissipates alcohol prior to nosing and tasting spirits, resulting in enjoyable, enhanced, and truly memorable tasting experiences!  Several years later, after thorough scientific analyses, extensive GCMS testing, exhaustive panel tastings, and over 50 different design iterations, NEATTM (Naturally Engineered Aroma TechnologyTM) was born.  The patented shape is quickly becoming the preferred tasting glass for experts, aficionados, and collectors, and the overwhelming choice of mixologists, chefs, sommeliers, and an indispensable industry quality control tool.

The NEAT glass is designed to overcome all existing tasting and nosing glass deficiencies by using basic physics and science to separate and dissipate ethanol alcohol from the nosing sample prior to smelling.  Sampling without the strong odor of alcohol intensifies the flavors, and eliminates harsh nose burn, whiplash, numbness and a deadened sense of smell.

The large pot-still shaped bowl promotes evaporation and swirling, the neck shape concentrates aromas, and rim shape separates and dissipates alcohol away from the nose as the vapors pass upward through the neck.  The short distance from the liquid surface to the nose ensures that the heavier, less volatile fatty acid ethyl esters reach the nose instead of falling back into the beverage undetected.  NEAT is the Shape of Flavor, and works with all spirits, liquors, liqueurs, aperitifs, whiskeys, cognacs, and even fortified wines.  NEAT is handmade mouth-blown of 100% lead-free Chrystalyn right here in the USA.

The NEAT glass is the judging choice of the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Official glass of the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, and was awarded “Best New Bar Product for 2012” by Vegas Seven Magazine.   NEAT enjoys widespread use by experts, connoisseurs, aficionados, evaluators, and critics all over the world.

Advantages and Benefits of NEAT

Complete tasting experience for Spirits Drinkers, Connoisseurs

  • Eliminates nose burn, pain, numbing – no alcohol odor
  • Delivers intense, concentrated, pleasant aromas
  • Comfortable feel and balance, complements fine tobacco and cigars

Creative tool for Mixologists, Chefs, Bars, Restaurants

  • Improves premium, top-shelf, collector edition sales
  • Builds customer loyalty, repeat business, increases revenues, profit margins
  • Complements delicate food and complex, subtle seasonings
  • Reduces storage space/inventory (replace snifters, copitas, sherries, Glencairn)

Game changer for the Spirits Beverage Industry

  • Broadens neat (straight) spirits markets to sensitive noses
  • Defines brand recognition and spirits products differentiation
  • Improves distillery QC, improves blending time and repeatability
  • Unifies judging panel opinions, raises competitive standards

How to Nose and Taste with NEAT

Every tool has its proper use.  Pour your favorite spirit to the maximum bowl diameter, swirl, hold glass level, place your nose over the center and adjust nose position slightly to find the “sweet spot”.  If you are one of the 13% who must have the alcohol on the nose, insert your nose at or below the neck constriction or right at the rim edge where alcohol vapor is concentrated.  Breathe through your nose, not with your mouth open.

Arsilica, Inc, a Nevada corporation, is planning more product introductions, each of which plays a major role in changing the way the world drinks through innovative glassware.  More about NEAT, including purchasing, can be found on the website, , on twitter @theneatglass, and on facebook.  Awaken Your Inner Connoisseur.

George F Manska CSO, Arsilica, Inc

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